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Pioneering academic and scientific research carried out by Professor Anoop Misra and Mrs Rekha Sharma has helped in clarifying why Indians have a high tendency to develop diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome and heart disease;

  • a new definition for obesity, abdominal obesity and syndrome X for the Indian ethnic group;
  • a new test for monitoring diabetes, new concepts in the pathogenesis of heart disease (high inflammation and a new genetic abnormality);
  • the discovery of a new use of statins for the treatment of diabetic eye disease; 
  • a new limit of saturated fat intake for children;
  • new cut-offs for total body fat,  subcutaneous and intra-abdominal body fat deposits, the link between obesity and heart dysfunction, and novel phenotypic markers for metabolic syndrome in Asian Indians;
  • the effect of resistance exercise which has been researched, and which could improve diabetes control;
  • in identifying a new genetic abnormality causing Syndrome X in Indians; in collaboration with researchers worldwide, particularly from the University of Maryland;  and
  • new classifications and diagnostic criteria for fat disorders (Lipodystrophies) have been formulated for the first time in the world, in collaboration with researchers from the University of Texas.
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